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Falcon Dunes Wedding {DJ & Marie}

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Remember Saturday afternoon in high school before you had a driver’s license? My wife remembers settling down in front of the TV to watch an all-day marathon of “I love Lucy” or “Three is company” on Nickelodeon. Remember desperately hoping a friend with a car would call back and let you come along for a ride to the store, or to the post office. Anything was better than a long day stuck at the house.

Marie was 15 stuck at home having one of those Saturday’s when the phone rang. Her girlfriends came to the rescue with a plan to take her for a ride in the riverbed. All the cool kids hung out in the riverbed. Her day seemed brighter, but little did she know this day would become a day to remember. At the river bed, she met a cute guy. This cute guy became a reliable friend. Over ten years later, with the timing just right, this guy became the love of her life.

On Thanksgiving weekend my wife and I photographed Marie and DJ’s beautiful wedding at the Falcon Dunes Golf Course in Phoenix Arizona.

It was such a blessing to witness these two joined together in marriage. Here are some of our favorite images from the day. Falcon_Dunes01Falcon_Dunes02The peacock feather details were gorgeous. Falcon_Dunes03 Falcon_Dunes04 Falcon_Dunes05While the girls finished getting ready at the house, we got to take Marie to the venue to witness their first look. I loved the calm quiet in this moment. Time seemed to stop as they took a few minutes before guests arrived, to admire each other and appreciate the magic in the day. Falcon_Dunes06 Falcon_Dunes07 Falcon_Dunes08Falcon_Dunes09 His friends were so happy for him. It was so cute. Falcon_Dunes12 Falcon_Dunes13 Simple green grass, blue sky and wispy clouds can be so peaceful. Falcon_Dunes14 Falcon_Dunes15 Her dad was very proud to walk his youngest daughter of four down the aisle. Falcon_Dunes16Falcon_Dunes17 Yay! It’s really happening.Falcon_Dunes18 Falcon_Dunes19 Falcon_Dunes20 Falcon_Dunes21 Falcon_Dunes22 Wow! what an awesome day.Falcon_Dunes23 While the guests enjoyed cock-tales we were able to sneak away for some amazing sunset photos. Falcon_Dunes24Falcon_Dunes25 Falcon_Dunes26 Falcon_Dunes27 Falcon_Dunes28 Falcon_Dunes29 After some heartfelt toasts from friends and family, the guests danced the night away. Falcon_Dunes30 Falcon_Dunes31 Falcon_Dunes32 Congratulations Marie and DJ!! We were so blessed to be a part of your day. We love you guys.

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