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Eric & Chesany {wedding} Paso Robles Inn

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This wedding at Paso Robles Inn was supper fun. Eric and Chesany know how to have a good time. They did a great job creating a celebration deeply enjoyed by their friends and family. I had a wonderful time working with Chesany and her entourage of bridesmaids. The girls at Twist Studio Spa did a beautiful job getting the ladies ready. Eric and his group are a fun loving energetic bunch of guys. It was a pleasure spending a day with them. The beautiful setting at Paso Robles Inn made the day rememberable. Flowers by Denise did an expert job with the flowers . Her elegant floral set up was spectacular. The DJ Jeff Mora kept the energy and flow going late into the night.

Paso-Robles-Inn-1 Paso-Robles-Inn-02 Paso-Robles-Inn-03 Paso-Robles-Inn-05 Paso-Robles-Inn-06 Paso-Robles-Inn-08Paso-Robles-Inn-10 Paso-Robles-Inn-11 Paso-Robles-Inn-12 Paso-Robles-Inn-13 Paso-Robles-Inn-14 Paso-Robles-Inn-15 Paso-Robles-Inn-16 Paso-Robles-Inn-17 Paso-Robles-Inn-18 Paso-Robles-Inn-19 Paso-Robles-Inn-20 Paso-Robles-Inn-21 Paso-Robles-Inn-22 Paso-Robles-Inn-23 Paso-Robles-Inn-24 Paso-Robles-Inn-25 Paso-Robles-Inn-26 Paso-Robles-Inn-27 Paso-Robles-Inn-28 Paso-Robles-Inn-29 Paso-Robles-Inn-30


1 comment

  1. Meagan Ramirez - June 2, 2012 12:34 am

    Nice work William!!! 🙂