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I couldn’t resist posting an images from Dj & Marie’s wedding this past weekend.  I just love how this turned out!Falcon_Dunes_04

Nick & Maria {wedding}

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Photographing Nick and Maria’s wedding was an exciting event. I second shot this wedding with Dylan Mayer and enjoyed the experience.  This wedding was a fine example of opposites attract.  Maria so bubbly, full of joy and excitement. Nick very calm, cool and collected.  Their love and attraction was apparent from the start.  The girls got ready in the bridal suite filled with laughter.  The men toasted the groom with a drink.  Family and friends gathered from all over Southern California and the ceremony went smoothly.  The joining of these two lives was celebrated late into the night.

Nich & Maria-01 Nich & Maria-02 Nich & Maria-03 Nich & Maria-04 Nich & Maria-05 Nich & Maria-06 Nich & Maria-07 Nich & Maria-09 Nich & Maria-10 Nich & Maria-11 Nich & Maria-12 Nich & Maria-13 Nich & Maria-14 Nich & Maria-15 Nich & Maria-16 Nich & Maria-17 Nich & Maria-18 Nich & Maria-19 Nich & Maria-20 Nich & Maria-21 Nich & Maria-22 Nich & Maria-23 Nich & Maria-24 Nich & Maria-25 Nich & Maria-26 Nich & Maria-27 Nich & Maria-28 Nich & Maria-29