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Kurt & Emily {wedding} Bianchi Winery

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Kurt and Emily are two of the most genuine and sincere people you can meet. Emily is full of energy, and Kurt is one of the coolest guys you can imagine. These two have the type of personality that made it a delight to work with and photographing their wedding made for a great weekend. They were married at the Bianchi Winery in Paso Robles, a beautiful outdoor setting that gave all the details of the wedding a special touch. Laura Robertson and Taryn Ruiz of TOS Events did an amazing job coordinating while Adornments Floral covered the day with a beautiful floral design. The Queen’s Bees made sure all the lady’s were looking their best. Epic Weddings created a tasty meal, while The Cakery made a cake that was both a feast to the eyes and to the palate. TOS Events also created the Candy Bar set up. Kramer Entertainment did a wonderful job with the music and setting the stage for the reception, Zack’s lighting set up was fabulous. This wedding was packed with so much; great energy, good friends, warm, sincere wedding vows, and all the details that made it an event to remember.
001Bianchi_Winery_001Bianchi_Winery_002Bianchi_Winery_003Bianchi_Winery_004Bianchi_Winery_005 Bianchi_Winery_007a Bianchi_Winery_007 Bianchi_Winery_006Bianchi_Winery_008Bianchi_Winery_009Bianchi_Winery_010 Bianchi_Winery_011Bianchi_Winery_012Bianchi_Winery_013 Bianchi_Winery_015 Bianchi_Winery_014Bianchi_Winery_016Bianchi_Winery_017Bianchi_Winery_018Bianchi_Winery_020 Bianchi_Winery_019 Bianchi_Winery_021Bianchi_Winery_022Bianchi_Winery_023I hope you enjoyed the photos and would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Melissa - March 30, 2012 11:28 pm

    So what do you get when you take 1 amazing couple like Emily and Kurt and put it together with a awesome photographer like William…. you get EXCEPTIONAL shots of their beyond special day! Great job William! We’d love some of the lighting pics to show our brides 🙂