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Steve & Anita’s {wedding} Avila Beach

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Recipe for the perfect beach day:

  1. Go to Avila Beach CA.
  2. Kick your sandals off and stand barefoot in the sand.
  3. Hold the hand of the woman you love, look her in the eye and say, “I do.”

Avila Beach is one of our favorite places to visit, my wife and I got married just up the road on a beautiful apple farm. We think Steve and Anita chose the perfect location for their destination wedding. The families made their journey from the valley to make their commitment on the sands of the Pacific Ocean.  It was a Friday afternoon. Most locals were at work so the beach was uncluttered and gorgeous. It felt like destiny reserved a perfect private beach wedding day experience for this couple.  I met up with the two families before the ceremony in their hotel rooms at Avila Lighthouse Suites.  I really enjoyed chatting with these two families and getting to know them better. It was evident that this couple included their children as an integral part of the complete wedding union. The bride and groom were not just joining their own hands and hearts in marriage, they were blending two families into one new family. The children were excited to accept and begin this new union together. After the ceremony, I had a great time walking the beach with this freshly formed family.  Steve and Anita are such warm and welcoming people and I was blessed to be a part of their wedding.wedding_photography_01wedding_photography_02wedding_photography_03wedding_photography_04wedding_photography_05wedding_photography_06Dress? Check. Flower? Check. Pearls? Check. Shoes? Who needs shoes at the beach!wedding_photography_08wedding_photography_07wedding_photography_09wedding_photography_10wedding_photography_11wedding_photography_13wedding_photography_14Yay! They did it!! They look so beautiful! wedding_photography_15wedding_photography_16wedding_photography_17wedding_photography_18wedding_photography_19wedding_photography_20wedding_photography_21wedding_photography_22wedding_photography_23Congratulations! It was great getting to share this day with you all.

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